Last updated: November 12, 2021.

This update contains:

  • Further elaboration in the section “Privacy Policy of Our Games”. About data collection when a game doesn’t need and use Internet connection & how we may see information on events such as crashes and installs.
  • Clearer contact information at the end of the page.


This page explains how we, Innokas media ky, collect, store, and use personal data.

Our privacy policies may change in time.

By using we, we refer to Innokas media ky.

By using you, we refer to anyone using our services.

By using services, we refer to our games, website, social media content, physical products, and email.

By using personal data, we refer to data that could lead to identifying you: for example, your address, name, email, IP address, and device ID.

By using child, we refer to a person under thirteen years old.


If you are a child, please do not share personal data with us.

If we notice that we have data of a child, we will aim to handle that data according to legal requirements or delete it.

If you know that we have gained data of a child, you can contact us at

Privacy Policy Pages of Third Parties

Some of our services use the assistance of third parties. Here is a list of their privacy policy pages.

Privacy Policy of Our Games

We sell our games on the App Store and Google Play Store. Because of that, Apple’s privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy apply.

We use Unity to create our games. Because of that, some of their privacy policies apply to our games as well.

If a game has ads—specifically Unity Ads—it may collect data: for example, your device identifier and how you interacted with the shown ad. Unity Ads uses this data to tailor ads for you.

We may collect some data to improve our products. For example, we may see anonymized information about crashes, installs, and uninstalls through Apple and Google’s developer tools. While we are interested in learning about technical problems, we wish to improve the content of our games in other ways: for instance, through reviews and messages written by you to us.

Unity contains parts that may collect personal data. However, if a game doesn’t require an Internet connection, all collected data will stay within your device; the game won’t send it to us, Unity, or other parties.

We won’t sell your data or share it with external parties.

Privacy Policy of Our Website

To monitor the security of the website, we use our host’s inbuilt analytics tools. We do not sell or share the data with third parties, and the data will be removed in a reasonable time frame.

The website uses Google’s font services, but otherwise, our site includes no content from third parties.

Privacy Policy of Our Physical Products

We sell our physical products on Redbubble and Society6. Their privacy policies apply when you visit their sites and make purchases.

Privacy Policy of Our Social Media Content

We use third-party social media services such as Twitter and Tumblr. Therefore, please visit their privacy policy pages.

Privacy Policy of Our Email

Currently, we use Gmail, Google’s emailing service. Because of that, please read Google’s privacy policy.

If you send us an email, we won’t use your address or message for marketing purposes. We won’t share your address or message with third parties. We won’t store your address and messages forever; we will delete them in a reasonable time frame.

How to Limit Data Tracking

The only way to eliminate all tracking is to stop using the services. You can, however, influence tracking in other ways.

Unity’s Privacy Policy page offers advice on how to limit their data collection.

You can also enable your device’s inbuilt privacy features. Please peruse the up-to-date instructions of your device.

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